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From a zoom on nature to the product:
the art of Zummy

Nature is color and wonder

It’s Summer, 2019, when Gaia Novello, overcoming a lifetime of water phobia, immerses herself for the first time, in an exotic sea. What she sees underwater - teeming flora and fauna, dazzling colours, glinting fish, the luminosity of the seabed - fills her with totally new emotions. On resurfacing, Gaia makes a promise: to quickly turn that inspiration into fabulous textures for clothing and accessories, so that all women like her can bring to their lives the joy of that incredible vision.


The photoshoot
becomes art of painting

The creative design process of Zummy’s textures starts with the choice of a topic for the collection. Of that subject, together with our stylist, Dorella, the team chooses the photoshoots that are the most particular on a shape and color perspective. At this point, beauty is not only in eye of the beholder, but also in the wise hands of the illustrators whom we entrust with our ideas and visions. Barbara and Chiara are the Venetian artists with whom we collaborate, those that can create the wonder of the textures that characterize the brand, able to imprint emotions on the canvas through vibrant and authentic colors and with a thousand shades, resorting to various and sometimes unusual techniques, like the use of sugar on the paper. And then, the magic happens: textures meet fabrics, they fill them with colors and wefts become little pieces of a huge piece of art, almost like a puzzle, thanks to the printing techniques of the Italian printing houses we collaborate with. Pieces of art that become… ink on canvas.

zummy arte pittorica acquerello
Made in Italy Fashion

Art as Made in Italy fashion

When we talk about ZUMMY’s art we also refer to the great Made in Italy know-how, enclosed within the wise hands of those artisans that work on this project, on the design and the creation of our clothing and accessories. It’s actually a mastery. Likewise, art consists also in the ability to imagine new garments and new shapes, drawing them to give them intriguing and new contours, as our stylist, Dorella, does. A drawing comes to life with the patience and the dedication of the workshops with which we collaborate, present in the Venetian territory, and thanks to the know-how of their managers, Miriam and Luca, indefatigable partners in the creation of our collections, able to meet even our team’s most difficult requests. With patience, they dedicate their time to the research of new solutions to optimize fabrics consumption, to avoid glues and adhesive layers, to create garments that can adapt to a wide range of sizes and respect a strict sustainable behavior. Our most sincere thanks go to them, to put at the service of ZUMMY their decades of sartorial experience.

Shipping costs are included in the products' price for destinations within Italy and Europe, except for countries with customs, for which a different process occurs.

Customs costs have always to be paid by the customer, that will get reached out to by the courier for the payment when goods arrive at the customs, in order to make the delivery possibile.

For all the extra-European countries, Zummy covers part of the shipping costs, but also asks customers to cover the difference of these costs, if exceeding, during their order on the website

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