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Zummy: a Green fashion
idea by two women for all women


The birth of ZUMMY

It’s Summer, 2019, when Gaia Novello, overcoming a lifetime of water phobia, immerses herself for the first time, in an exotic sea. What she sees underwater - teeming flora and fauna, dazzling colours, glinting fish, the luminosity of the seabed - leaves her speechless and fills her with totally new emotions. On resurfacing, Gaia makes a promise: to quickly turn that inspiration into fabulous textures for clothing and accessories, so that all women like her can bring to their lives the joy of that incredible vision. When she tells her daughter, Gloria De Lazzari, about all this, the girl adds an important dimension to the project: the new brand will also have an ethical agenda and protect the magical undersea eco-system and other natural environments unfortunately risking extinction. ZUMMY was set up a few months later with this dual purpose, ethical and aesthetic, its name alluding to our desire to get up very close and lovingly to nature, to celebrate and protect it.

Gaia Novello e Gloria De Lazzari di Zummy

The name, ZUMMY

ZUMMY means a “CONSCIOUS ZOOM” into the beauty of every Nature’s detail, that turns into art of painting, thanks to the collaboration with local illustrators. These pieces of art become fashion then and the art of painting becomes sartorial art, with all the knowledge that belongs to the Venetian artisans.

The principles that lead us

Sustainability in our heart

At Zummy sustainability is not just a word: it’s a daily commitment, a constant belief that takes shape in every single detail.

A zoom on nature that turns into art

From the choice of the topic and the shot, then it’s time for the creation of the paintings. Zummy arises from the collaboration with two local illustrators, that originates a unique and instinctual art, full of life, energy and color, thanks to their knowledgeable painting technique. Zummy’s products are truly pieces of art to wear.

Zummy pavone arte
Zummy fantasia pavone

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For all the extra-European countries, Zummy covers part of the shipping costs, but also asks customers to cover the difference of these costs, if exceeding, during their order on the website

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