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Zummy: a green fashion idea
by two women, for all women

Zummy Woman

Zummy is as vivacious as the sea

It’s summer, 2019, when Gaia Novello, overcoming a lifetime of water phobia, immerses herself for the first time, in an exotic sea. What she sees underwater - teeming flora and fauna, dazzling colours, glinting fish, the luminosity of the seabed - leaves her speechless and fills her with totally new emotions. On resurfacing, Gaia makes a promise: to quickly turn that inspiration into fabulous textures for clothing and accessories, so that all women like her can bring to their lives the joy of that incredible vision. When she tells her daughter, Gloria De Lazzari, about all this, the girl adds an important dimension to the project: the new brand will also have an ethical agenda and protect the magical undersea eco-system and other natural environments unfortunately risking extinction. ZUMMY was set up a few months later with this dual purpose, ethical and aesthetic, its name alluding to our desire to get up very close and lovingly to nature, to celebrate and protect it.

Gaia Novello e Gloria De Lazzari di Zummy

ART from colors and shapes of Mother Nature

Zummy is a zoom into the beauty of Nature’s details, that becomes unique and instinctive art, full of life, energy and color thanks to the vivacious creativity of local illustrators whom we collaborate with. Zummy’s garments are artworks to wear.

pavone blu
pavone blu
felpa blu zummy da moda sostenibile

Colors and shapes that enlightens
every woman’s beauty

Zummy blooms from a true belief that all the women have an inner original beauty to enhance. With this idea, we at Zummy started a very ambitious project, committed to the creation of garments closely designed according to a wide size range: from 38-40 to 52-54, depending on the type of product. For doing this, we invented a new “Zummy” size system, that allows each of them to wear two sizes of the conventional system. Here at Zummy we talk to women, not to sizes.


Free yourself from beauty conventional standards and let yourself be inspired by Nature: be passionate and vital, rebellious and radiant, active and vivacious, pleasure-loving, courageous, unstoppable. Go barefoot and don’t get stressed about you figure, live happily in your size, whatever it is, you are beautiful anyway. Wrap yourself up with color, life, joy and celebrate with us the beauty of Nature, of its creatures and of happiness!

We are the Zummy's Women









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