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Our commitment towards more sustainable printing processes

by Zummy Team

For the prints on its products, Zummy selected suppliers who are sensitive about environmental impacts, so that prints do not contain chemical substances hazardous for the environment or our health. 

The patterns on our polyester fabrics are printed by a supplier who uses printing processes that obtained an important certification for environment, that guarantees that a company respects the laws regarding water supply, wastewater discharges, emissions, waste management but it also follows strict social criteria. Inks used on our polyester fabrics are in line with ZDHC – MRSL Version 2 for the elimination of hazardous substances along the production process. 

As for printings on organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell fabrics Zummy uses certified inks: prints made with these inks do not release chemical substances harmful to our health or the environment and meet the requirements of the relevant standards. Further, printing is done in a printhouse that also reuses some of the water already used in its printing processes, to further mitigate its environmental impact.

stampa ecosostenibile su poliestere
stampa ecosostenibile su TENCEL Lyocell

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