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to yourself

An AMBITIOUS project,
to celebrate women’s beauty

Zummy arises from our belief that every woman has her own original beauty to enhance, that goes beyond any canons of beauty that may be imposed by the culture and the environment: there are no flaws, there are no sizes, there are just women. Zummy talks to them.

At Zummy we talk to women, not to sizes

With this in mind, we started out a new ambitious brand, committed to the production of garments carefully designed to adapt themselves to a wide range of sizes and to embrace as many women as possible: from 38-40 to 50-52 – Italian size system (for some garments, even 54), even if our willingness is to further expand the range of sizes in time. For doing this, we invented a new Zummy’s sizes system, that allows, with each of them, to cover two of the sizes in the traditional system. As a rule, this is the conversion scale:

Size 0 – Zummy: corresponds to 38-40 (IT);

Size 1 – Zummy: corresponds to 42-44 (IT);

Size 2 – Zummy: corresponds to 46-48 (IT);

Size 3 – Zummy: corresponds to 50-52 (IT).

Free your nature:
become a Zummy woman

Free yourself from traditional canons of beauty and draw inspiration from Nature, its elements and its creatures: be passionate and vital, rebellious and radiant, active and vivacious, pleasure-loving, courageous, unstoppable. Go barefoot and don’t get stressed about your figure, you are beautiful the way you are. Embrace life and celebrate with us all Nature’s colors: in a few words, FREE YOUR NATURE.

like the fire


like the wind


like Mother Earth


like the ocean


Shipping costs are included in the products' price for destinations within Italy and Europe, except for countries with customs, for which a different process occurs.

Customs costs have always to be paid by the customer, that will get reached out to by the courier for the payment when goods arrive at the customs, in order to make the delivery possibile.

For all the extra-European countries, Zummy covers part of the shipping costs, but also asks customers to cover the difference of these costs, if exceeding, during their order on the website

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