giornata mondiale degli oceani

ZUMMY day: it’s the World Oceans Day

by Zummy Team

For ZUMMY the 8th June is a particularly important day. Of course, it is for the whole world, but we live it as if it were a really special day. The World Oceans Day is what will be celebrated, set up on the 8th June in Rio de Janeiro during a summit meeting on the environment and since 2008 it has been recognised even by the United Nations. 

ZUMMY, that celebrates the wealth of the seas and renews its promises of love and protection in all of its gestures and products, wants to remind you that our health also depends on their health. Why does this day also have to do with you? We will explain it here, in this blog tinted with blue. Take a dive with us into finding out more about it!  

World Oceans Day: with what purpose? 

Seen from space, our Blue planet, appears as an enormous blue patch. It’s the oceans that dye this patch with its incredible different shades. It’s such a wonderful and mysterious experience. Just think: 70% of the Earth is covered by vast water territories, but in the meantime, we know more about the moon than our own oceans! ZUMMY is aware of what we’re talking about: the expanse of the sea, these basins (Pacific, Atlantic and Indian) host 80% of the world’s biodiversity!

They are seas that are full of life, with an impressive variety of animals, from microscopic phytoplankton to gigantic cetaceans. But a lot about what goes on in the deep sea and what lives there still remains a mystery. Is this why the seas and oceans appeal to humanity so much?

There you have it, the World Oceans Day is an opportunity to reflect on the benefits that the ocean offers to all of humanity and on the duty that each one of us has on interacting with the oceans in a sustainable way, without impoverishing or compromising the needs of future generations. 


The oceans, producers of oxygen

The areas of water on our planet produce (and so they provide us with it!) 50% of the oxygen that we breath, and that’s not all. They are capable of absorbing one third of carbon dioxide generally produced, which is even more than tropical forests. Furthermore, they act as climate regulators and they provide food and maintenance, for billions of people: it’s estimated that one out of 5 people depend on the sea!

So, is it clear why their existence and health depends on our survival? But if someone were to have any doubts, the United Nations have inaugurated the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, that has the goal to conserve the oceans, seas and marine resources and use them in a sustainable way, by 2030 (in the Agenda 2030, point 14 it is stated that there is a duty to protect lifeforms that live under the sea). Not by chance Life and Livelihoods is the theme of the World Oceans Day 2021.

World Oceans Day: celebrate it with ZUMMY

How can we face and make up for the fact that the seas are getting hotter, more acidic and have less and less oxygen? And how do we stop excessive fishing, illegal fishing and plastic pollution from threatening our marine biodiversity? The solution starts from our consciousness, it goes from knowledge and turns into taking actions. 

We aren’t being asked to put inhumane effort into it: small acts of respect and civilization are enough, they are fundamental in order to keep the oceans clean and make sure they can continue to contribute to our prosperity and to the prosperity of the world that we cherish. For us, here at ZUMMY it’s not at all a strain or an effort. For us it is a pleasure and a honour to take care of our ‘home’ and especially our ‘home of origins’, the sea cradle where the first lifeforms were born. 

We love it so much that we have made it an art of ours, zooming in and getting a close up of the marvellous details its creatures have to offer, creating surprising prints to wear, and live. How can you celebrate this special day? With a ZUMMY product! It’s not just a matter of appearance, fantasy, colours and style: there is a whole philosophy that has been at the base of our brand since its birth, aimed at protecting the environment and making everyone’s life better. You can say ‘I’m on the oceans side’ and wear a pantskirt at the same time. It’s absolutely WOW. 


The Cory pantskirt: comfortable, stylish and water friendly

The Cory pantskirt from ZUMMY, flowy and fashionable, it was sewn and finished by local dressmakers and is made of TENCEL™ Lyocell, a fibre from responsibly managed eucalyptus forests. The TENCEL™ Lyocell (the name of the fabric used) is as fresh as silk and takes on the vibrant colours of our patterns thanks to sustainable inks covered by certifications safeguarding workers, consumers and the environment.

If you choose the pantagonna Cory, you are declaring that you’re on water’s side: Our chosen print house reuses some of the water in its production cycle. We in any case believe that details make the difference, so for the labels sewn onto the garment we chose certified organic cotton. Likewise, the buttons at the waist, made of hemp and a small percentage of recycled polyester, are purchased from a supplier who has joined Greenpeace’s Detox campaign to eliminate harmful substances from production. 

The elastic on the back of the pantskirt (also responsible for a perfect fit on every silhouette) is created by using 74% of recycled post-consumer polyester. This is our way of showing love and commitment towards the creatures that inhabit our planet and seas. Do you want to take care of it with us? Wear your pantskirt, become a fashion zummer and never stop keeping up to date on what’s going on with the world that surrounds you and on how you can contribute to making it better. We will always be by your side!


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