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Zummy obtains the Animal Free Fashion Certification by LAV

by Zummy Team

animal free LAV Zummy

Zummy was born from the love and respect that the founders have for nature and animals. For this reason, Zummy has decided to not use any animal derived materials for its production and for its garments and accessories, providing its suppliers with a survey to evaluate their sustainability level, including two specific questions about this topic: Zummy chose only suppliers who declared to not have provided the brand with any animal derived materials and to not have used these in the production process of Zummy’s garments and accessories.

Every year at least 70 million animals are raised and 10 million caught to become furs in the fashion industry.

LAV reports that for every kilo of fur 12 animals get killed. This has no sense to us!

But furs are not the only kind of violence that happens on animals: you can just think of ducks and geese, whose feathers are often plucked in a painful and cruel way, or traditional sold leather, that sometimes seems to consist in scraps derived from the food industry, but that most often constitutes real businesses.

Beyond this, although new and more sustainable tanning processes are being developed thanks to new chemicals, there are still multiple processes that include substances harmful for people’s health and the environment.

Other than the traditional one, also leather from exotic animals has been used since ever, like for example phyton, crocodiles, ostriches, sharks and many more, that very often are also victims of an illegal trade.

And what about silk? Well, to get it the processing takes its first step from boiling the cocoons created by bugs, while bugs are still inside following their evolution process. As LAV documents, to get “20/25 kilos of silk 50 thousand bugs are sacrificed”.

The processing to get wool itself is often another scene of violence: even though sheeps are not killed, they get grabbed, immobilized and often wounded during fast shearing processes that don’t care about animals’ health, but that are only following trade requests, or that get wounded by barbaric practices deliberately perpetrated, like the mulesing one.

Zummy commits to avoid any forms of violence on animals, that’s why it decided to exclude from its production and from its garments any animal derived materials. It also excluded the peace silk, as there are no third parties who can certify process. The brand also avoids regenerated wool and any leather scraps that could have eventually been reused and obtained from other brands’ production processes, because it wants to absolutely avoid to feed a supply chain that has violence on animals at the top.

That’s why Zummy made this promise and adhered to the ethical rating Animal Free Fashion designed by LAV, at the highest level VVV+.

Source: Animal Free Fashion LAV

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