Eco-sustainable fashion that unleashes your originality

Eco-sustainable fashion that unleashes your originality

Zummy is the eco-sustainable and made in Italy fashion brand, inspired by the colors and shapes of nature and animals in a wide size range.

The name ZUMMY means a zoom into the beauty of nature’s details which become artistic illustrations thanks to the collaboration with some local artists: from the bright colors of tropical fish and jellyfish to the more intense tones of the peacock, the iguana and others land animals. We print the patterns on fabrics, such as organic cotton, TENCEL Lyocell cellulose fiber (from sustainably managed forests) and recycled polyester, in certified print shops located in Northern Italy and, for the tailoring of the garments, we collaborate with Venetian artisan tailoring workshops, often family-run, like our company.

See you in Treviso!

Location: Via Santa Margherita 6, Treviso 31100


Mon    03.30 pm – 07.15 pm

Tue-Sat    09.30 am – 12.30 pm / 03.30 pm – 07.15 pm

Sun    closed

Our first eco-sustainable single-brand Zummy-themed store has just opened in the heart of the historic center of Treviso, in Veneto!

The concept store is inspired by the ongoing collection and nature. An entire seven meter wall was covered with suspended pressed cardboard panels depicting the jungle and the four animals that Zummy’s winter jacket represents. All the furnishings are made of wood and more than half come from the world of second-hand goods, to give them a second life, in line with the brand’s sustainability philosophy. The same electricity used inside the store comes 100% from renewable sources. In short, we tried to create as much as possible a truly eco-sustainable shop.

You will find us close to the central Piazza dei Signori and the Loggia dei Cavalieri.

Those who have already chosen Zummy say that...

We are collecting the reviews of the splendid women who have decided to fully embrace their personality, their freedom and their planet by choosing our sustainable fashion brand (among these reviews you will also find some male voices, for those who have chosen Zummy for their gifts).

FAQ about Zummy

You can write to our customer support team via WhatsApp or contact us at +39 349 226 3097 or send an email to

Visit the “Boutique” page for where to find the sustainable fashion brand Zummy.

Of course! You can write to our customer support team via WhatsApp or contact us at +39 349 226 3097 or send an email to

Zummy garments are made with materials that are easy to manage both during washing and ironing and almost all of them can be cleaned directly at home. For some large items, such as eco-down coats, we recommend external laundry for simplicity and best results.

If you have doubts about the size or color for you, you can write to our customer support team via WhatsApp or contact us at +39 349 226 3097 or send an email to However, for all online purchases, you can return the item within 14 days from the delivery date if you change your mind or want to change the chosen size. Visit the page dedicated to the General Conditions of Sale on our website for all the relevant information. Also remember to download and duly fill out the Return Form found at the end of the site.

You can pay by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal and Klarna. If you decide to use the bank transfer, upon order confirmation we will send you an email with our bank details, but for this payment method we will have to wait a few days before sending you the product, until the credit arrives (we are sure you understand the safety reasons linked to this choice). If you decide to pay via Klarna or PayPal, you also have the option of paying in installments, supported and managed directly by Klarna and PayPal. Do you prefer to pay on delivery? Write us for information!

The shipment will be delivered to you within a maximum of 7-10 days from the order confirmation date (if you choose the bank transfer it will take a few days longer due to the payment processing times of the banking system).

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