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All the beauty (and strength) of Made in Italy

by Gloria De Lazzari

Did you ever stop and think about the terms you use daily, and their meaning? Maybe they’re a given to you, and you’re used to reading and repeating them over and over until you’ve stopped giving the right importance to their substance. Take, for example, “Made in Italy”. How many times do you see it written? How many times do you hear about it or talk about it yourself? And, what is for you Made in Italy? We will tell you what it is for Zummy, the value we assign to it, and why we will never go without it. 

The value of Made in Italy will never go out of style

Every country can be considered a “brand”, which encompasses everything associated with its lifestyle, its cultural roots, its history… Italian manufacturing is so globally appreciated that Made in Italy is considered one of the most important “brands” in the world. You must know that measuring the value of an “Italian brand” – and thus of Made in Italy – is no easy task, and it is tackled by experts from many different perspectives. 

We have read the Best Countries Report 2021 (in relation to the year 2020 and which focused on the ways in which countries are perceived on a global scale). Drafted by the US News & World Report, it places Italy on 16th place over 73 countries and Canada number one on a scale which measures life quality. 

We also read the ranking “BrandZ top30 Most valuable italian brands 2021” written by Kantar and Wpp, in order to find out what we already knew. Even in the hardest times, the brands which have established strong “brands”, distinctive and full of meaning for the consumer, have reacted better than others and have been able to grow. The ranking reflects the different strengths of Made in Italy, with 12 categories being represented and in which players in fashion, food, telecommunications, automotors, and energy all placed in the top 10 – which in return is dominated by luxury Italian brands.

These are interesting articles which we recommend if you would like to learn more about this subject. However, for us, Made in Italy is not made up solely of big sounding and globally recognized names. 

Made in Italy
Made in Italy

The Strength of Made in Italy? Family traditions

Here at Zummy, in fact, we are sure that the know-how (or heritage) that we are internationally known for comes from familiar traditions, which is passed down with patience and humility each generation. It’s a passion which surpasses any gaps, it is love for doing, details, and care for the garment. It means working with hands, craftsmanship, never compromising quality, strenuous but worth it. Always. Aside from the big names and the big brands, Italy is full of little and brave realities which are like treasure chests: they preserve knowledge and diffuse beauty. It is exactly the creators of Made in Italy, that we at Zummy believe in and which we will never stop supporting. 

Made in Italy

This is how Zummy supports Made in Italy

If you know us, you might have asked yourself why we have decided to manufacture our creations in Italy. The answer is simple: we believe in the added value of Made in Italy, in its strength, and its uniqueness. By producing in Italy, we have greater control over our production chain, guaranteeing materials which are excellent, sustainable, Animal Free and also ensuring that all workers, consumers, and the environment are respected. But there’s more. With our choice we are supporting our country during a particularly delicate moment like the present. In order to regenerate the economy, Italy needs companies that show trust in its know-how and its Italian talents. 

Therefore, speaking of fashion, when you purchase Made in Italy in opposition to garments which have been made in Cambogia, Thailand, or Vietnam (and which maybe are not even made of certified organic cotton like ours), not only are you showing that you have good taste, but you are also helping this know how – which is also an art – survive. When you look for and choose Made in Italy, you are prioritizing the value of quality, which can often be surpassed by greed for profit centered around the quantity – and often the cause of irreparable damage. 

You are awarding their commitment to build, day after day, those values which economists and marketing managers call Reputation and Consumer Trust. These encompass perceptions, valuations, and expectations directed towards a company, and come from its history and its reputation over time, and, finally, indicate trust and the emotions that they are able to arise from consumers. From you.

Made in Italy
Made in Italy

The Angy bag: Italian, sustainable, and slow

Among these values there is also a conscious mix of sustainability and innovation which Zummy dedicates itself to in everything it does. Even a large bag which can fit your whole world like the Angy bag. Sewn in a local artisanal laboratory, it is made of organic certified cotton dyed in colorful fantasy (in this case, the incredible livery of the angel fish in the macro version) with certified sustainable dyes. The printing technology reduces water consumption, which is then reused during the production cycle. 

To ensure perfect resistance, the Angy bag is sewn with a 100% recycled polyester thread, and is placed upon a 96% recycled polyester cushion, made from recycled bottles. The button and the ring are produced in zama from a company which has eliminated from its processes any sort of dangerous chemical substance. 

There it is, the way Zummy promotes and reinforces the Made in Italy it believes in, a concept of fashion which is inner, conscious, natural, and that comes to life from short production chains and small entrepreneurial realities upon which we entrust our creations. These local companies are the beating heart, one of the most inestimable treasures of the Italian fashion sector. It is only this way that it is possible to grant highly quality standards, and consequently, a long-life cycle to the product. As, remember, true Made in Italy will always be slow and that (like the proverb says) who goes slow… 

Made in Italy
Made in Italy
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