A different fashion?
It’s what the Planet’s calling for

Setting a new course: the creation of Zummy

August 2019. Fires in various corners of the Planet are devastating some of the most important forest areas, threatening ecosystems and killing thousands of animals. The scene of the singed koala rescued by a tourist goes viral and scientists prophesy the collapse of the whole Planet by 2050. At this moment, the founders of Zummy - Gaia and Gloria, mother and daughter – are planning to create a new eco-sustainable fashion brand whose every product is rigorously green and every supplier has technical and production requisites in line with the sincerest sustainability criteria. A few months later, they set up ZUMMY, their precise inspiration being to “zoom” in on Nature, beauty and the urgent need to defend them. Zummy positions itself in fact as an original new sustainable fashion player who designs and makes ethical clothing and accessories, close to the concept of “slow fashion” and at the same time full of colour and beauty.

acqua sostenibilita nella moda


Processing and dyeing of fabrics are responsible for around 20% of industrial water pollution

inquinamento dei mari sostenibilità nella moda


The year in which observers predict that our seas will be richer in plastics than fish

emissioni gas serra sostenibilità nella moda


The percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions ascribable to the fashion industry

pesticidi sostenibilita nella moda


The amount of pesticides, in tonnes, used worldwide to cultivate cotton


What we do

• Zummy prefers to source its processing from small, local craft businesses, with the sole exception of Fairtrade certified products, which come from a foreign organization.

• Zummy commits to choosing materials certified to environmental criteria, with a special focus on their composition and production processes, and sustainable for the workers who create and transform them.

• Zummy supports ongoing research into new materials, suppliers and processes.

• Zummy asks its suppliers (current and potential) countless questions to be able to guarantee genuinely eco-sustainable fashion.

• Zummy studies coherent combinations of materials to facilitate recycling, where possible, at the end of the product’s life.

• Zummy uses packaging containing recycled paper fibres and certified organic cotton.

koala sostenibilità
deforestazione sostenibilità nella moda

What we don't

• Zummy has committed to not using materials which, even if innovative, require non-sustainable production/chemical processes.

• Zummy does not use materials derived from animals or in any case materials that have entailed violence to animals.

• Zummy strives not to use fibres from agriculture associated with the deforestation of habitats that are sensitive or where biodiversity is at risk.

• Zummy strives to avoid the use of glues or similar substances where their use makes it difficult or impossible to recycle products/packaging by preventing separation of the various components.


A different fashion for Zummy

For Zummy, sustainability isn’t just a word: it’s a daily commitment, a constant belief that makes no exceptions. In these sections, discover how Zummy puts its uncompromisingly green philosophy into concrete practice.  The materials that Zummy uses are covered by the most important certifications safeguarding labour, consumers and the environment but since the brand itself has not obtained the individual certifications, it cannot cite them. However, it is strongly committed to providing the utmost transparency in the explanation of the sustainability features that breathe life into its garments and accessories.

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