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Zummy’s packaging, a responsible choice

by Zummy Team

The primary box Zummy chose for its garments is made of high-quality recycled paper. This paper is produced with 100% recycled fibres and is in turn recyclable. Further, during the paper’s production process, the supplier does not use materials containing elemental chlorine (Elemental Chlorine Free Guaranteed) and employs specific technologies to reduce water consumption to the amount strictly needed for the production cycle.

The tag and the band (wrapped around the product in the box) are also made of the same recycled paper as the box. The supplier of the tag and band has joined the Greenpeace Detox Campaign (committing to the elimination of chemical substances hazardous for human health and the environment) and in 2015 obtained SA8000 certification in order to guarantee certain standards in terms of working conditions, as well as committing to continual improvement.

The tag comes with a cord that’s also made of 100% recycled paper (twisted). This avoids using cords in non-paper based materials such as cotton or polyester, so thanks to this responsible choice it’s easier for the consumer to correctly recycle all the packaging at the end of its use.

The shipment box is made partly of recycled fibres and partly of virgin fibres coming from forests managed responsibly on both a social level, respecting the rights of workers, local communities and native populations, and an environmental level, protecting and maintaining forests. The box too is recyclable.

Lastly, the dust bag that protects the Zummy bag is made of certified organic cotton and produced by an Italian company that’s multi-certified in terms of environmental and social responsibility and uses energy from renewable sources.

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